Survival Bracelet | Ladder Rack Stitch

Survival Bracelet | Ladder Rack Stitch
Survival Bracelet | Ladder Rack Stitch Survival Bracelet | Ladder Rack Stitch
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Our survival bracelets enable you to carry several feet of Paracord that can be used in an emergency for countless survival applications. Basically, every inch of your wrist diameter equals approximately one foot of Paracord. We use 5/8” curved side release buckles for maximum comfort, convenience and strength.


  • Can Be Used in an Emergency for Countless Survival Applications
  • Stylish Way to Always Carry Paracord and Be Prepared
  • 5/8” Curved Side Release Buckle for Maximum Comfort, Convenience and Strength
  • Hand-Tied in the U.S.A. by Staff

Be sure to find a color combination to suit your liking. For solid color bracelets, choose the same color for both color options. Our solid color bracelets are tied from a single piece of Paracord. Our dual color bracelets are tied from two pieces of Paracord of approximate equal length. Special sizes not listed can be special ordered.

MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS - Measure your wrist by wrapping a string around your wrist, mark it and then measure the distance. Don’t forget to take into consideration your wrist bone when measuring. Add 1” To Your Actual Wrist Size to allow for the diameter of the Paracord and some room for comfort. If you are in between sizes, pick the larger size. If your bracelet is too large when you receive it, it can be shrunk down by approximately ¼”. To do this, get it completely soaked and let it dry out a couple of times.

RETURN POLICY - Please be sure to measure your wrist, add 1” and order the appropriate size. Returns will NOT be accepted for survival bracelets ordered in the wrong size. In an effort to insure you receive the size you have ordered, we double measure your bracelet prior to shipping and mark the size on the back of the product card. In the event we ship you a different size than ordered, we will promptly exchange it at no charge.

SPECIAL PROJECTS - We will be glad to assist you with special projects for your school, favorite sports team, motorcycle club, charity event, fund raiser, etc.  Please contact us at HERE to discuss options and pricing.


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